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Residential and business phone lines are $27.07 plus taxes and fees.

Shawnee Calling Feature packages


Basic Residential Package: $4.95
Ultimate Package: $9.95
Business Ultimate Package: $9.95
Long Distance

Individual Calling Features

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If you have multiple customer premise extensions on your phone line this
feature will let you call other extensions or transfer a call between them.
How to use

  • Pick up an extension and dial your own phone number.
  • When you hear the busy tone, hang up. All the extensions will start ringing. Do not answer but wait for the other extension to pick up.
  • When the other extension picks up, the extensions will stop ringing.
  • Pick up your extension and you will be connected to the other party. If no one answers on another extension, the extensions will stop ringing after a timeout period.
If the subscriber number is configured to be delivered to the called party, the subscriber can override this configuration on a call-by-call basis by dialing a code before dialing the number.
Allows subscriber to talk to two people in different locations at the same time.
Allows subscriber to transfer a call to another number.
Forwards incoming calls to a different number.
This service forwards calls when your phone line is busy on when you do not answer.
Enables subscriber to call frequently used numbers by dialing a one digit short code.

Toll Control with PIN # allows you to prevent long-distance (toll-incurring) calls to be made from your line by requiring a personal identification number.

Allows subscriber to specify a list of numbers for calls to be forwarded to. If the subscriber’s line is busy when a call comes in, these numbers are called in sequence until one is not busy and can accept the call.
Allows subscriber to schedule reminder calls, either once or at regular intervals (for example daily or weekly).
Provides a pre-configured number that is called if no numbers are dialed during a configurable time limit (for example, fifteen seconds) after the phone goes off hook.
Allows up to 4 directory numbers to be assigned to a single subscriber access line. Distinctive ringing cadences are played on incoming calls depending on the called directory number. Each Teen Line number can optionally have separate settings for Call Forwarding etc.
Allows subscriber to return the most recent incoming call.
Automatically redials the last outgoing call made by a subscriber.
Be notified of incoming calls; Shawnee will provide you a code to cancel the service if desired.
Informs the subscriber on a busy line that there is another incoming call .
Displays the name and number of the incoming caller before the subscriber answers the call.
Rejects calls from specified numbers.
Accepts calls from specified numbers when Do Not Disturb is enabled.
Forwards incoming calls from numbers selected by the subscriber.
Enables subscriber to have a distinctive ring tone for incoming calls from selected numbers. Also includes distinctive tones on Call Waiting for numbers selected for Priority Call.
Traces an offending incoming call immediately after it is received. The subscriber invokes
the service by dialing a code, and the Service Provider traces the call and passes the originating number to the law enforcement agency handling the complaint. A subpoena is required for this feature to be activated.
Automatically rejects all calls from callers who have withheld their number.
Informs the subscriber on a busy line that there is another incoming call, and displays the number and/or name of the new caller.
Provides an audio message to callers that informs them the dialed number is no longer in service.
Allows subscribers to specify a list of numbers which are rung (in addition to their own number) whenever the line is called. Any of the numbers that are rung can answer the call. Long Distance charges may apply.
Allows subscribers to specify a list of numbers which are rung whenever the line is called, and an order for those numbers. Each number is rung in order (and several numbers can be rung simultaneously) until one of them answers the call or the list is exhausted. Long Distance charges may apply.
Voice mail is a service which permits incoming dialed calls (both intra and inter exchange) to be answered by an electronic voice answering system if the call is not otherwise answered of the line is busy. Messages are stored in a private “mailbox” and can retrieved from any touch-tone phone at any location.