Shawnee to end cable service October 31

Due to the excessive costs regulated by cable channel providers, Shawnee Communications will terminate our cable television service as of October 31, 2018 and at that time, your Shawnee cable service will cease to operate. But don’t worry, we have great information on replacement alternatives for your cable service!

We realize the impact that the loss of cable television will have on the community. We are prepared to help make this transition as smooth as possible and explain the various options that are at your disposal before you select a new cable TV provider. To assist your transition away from Shawnee’s cable service, we want to offer our cable subscribers a special promotion.

Cable + Fiber Internet subscribers who cancel their cable service and increase their Internet speed are eligible to receive a free Roku Express.

Cable only subscribers who cancel their cable service and sign up for Shawnee’s Fiber Internet prior to October 15, 2018 will be eligible to receive a discount on their Internet service and a free Roku Express*.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this change in service, or if you would like more details on how you can receive a free Roku*.

*Offer not available to existing Internet subscribers on 50 Mbps or higher speed.

Streaming Services

In today’s connected world, there are a variety of entertainment options available online through your Shawnee Fiber Internet connection. Streaming services are often much less expensive than cable or satellite service and still provide the HD channels you want.

While there are many streaming services available, in order to help our subscribers be as informed as possible, we have created a helpful chart that shows where you can find your favorite channels on the top four streaming services. Review the streaming channel chart.

If you would like to learn more about pricing or add-ons for these streaming services, you may visit their web sites.

Streaming Devices

There are many devices in the marketplace that enable you to watch streaming content.  To keep users from being overloaded with options, here are the three most prominent streaming devices:

Amazon Fire TV: In addition to selling everything under the sun and offering their own streaming service, Amazon naturally offers streaming devices that integrate with their other connected home devices. Learn more about Amazon’s streaming devices.

Apple TV: In addition to making wildly popular computers, tablets and mobile phones, Apple has created a small but powerful lineup of streaming devices. Learn more about Apple’s streaming options.

Roku: Roku has different options (streaming boxes, sticks and even a Roku television) to meet your budgetary or technological needs. Learn more about Roku.

Join us for Streaming 101

Come learn about all the streaming options available to you with Shawnee fiber internet.

Lovington office
111 State & Broadway

  • September 28, 10am & 1pm – Video only customers
  • September 29, 10am & 1pm – Video + Internet customers